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Fitanole brand story

The brand Fitanole was founded in 2009 in HK. The original idea of the brand was to let people create their own styles by combining different elements, so everybody can assemble their own outfit and express an individual style.

In the meantime it’s well known in many countries in the world for the unique design and variety.

The result is a harmonic combination with stainless steel and other different kind of materials like Stones, ceramic or genuine leather. We served for OEM customer ,also create our own design to fit in the market. Fitanole always have an own interpretation of the current trends in fashion and design. Every peace of jewellery is unique. You can combine it every day in a new way just as you like it.

Every piece of jewelry is unique.

German designerAnnette

Every piece of jewelry tells a story

The world’s finest jewelry is handmade, one piece at a time. Each must be fabricated from raw metal by a jewelry artisan, using only tools that are controlled by hand, through a process of cutting, hammering, shaping and heating/annealing.

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    "Good evening Rain! Good news, this batch of jewels is received, they look great! I am happy with them. Thank you very much for everything. By the way, the boxes they came in are beautiful. Anyway, It is the best for you. Thank you very much."


    "Hi Rain, we have made several purchases with you for the jewelry, and found that your prices are competitive and of good quality. your staff prompt to our enquires and most important the timely delivery service has helped us to complete our projects on schedule and also won positive approval from our customers. "


    "In December, I planned to open a new online store to sell jewelry. Occasionally, I saw Fitanole jewelry on the website, which was very novel and delicate. Because I am entering this erea for the first time. It was very flustered at first, but Rain gave me a lot of advice on sales, product selection and website building, which made me through the hardest part. Now my website is getting better. Thank you very much, Rain! "

Why choose us
  • German designer team

    Frank and Rain (FR) always have an own interpretation of the current trends in fashion and design. Every peace of jewellery is unique.

  • OEM customer service

    We served for OEM customer ,also create our own design to fit in the market.

  • Manually build

    Each piece of jewelry tells a story. When you wear handmade jewelry, you are part of the story told by the manufacturer or craftsman through their work.

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All products have passed environmental protection tests in Europe and America such as SGS and REACH. Welcome to contact us for popular jewelry!

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  • Crystal Rocks Collection
    Crystal Rocks Collection
    In the Crystal Rocks collection, our crystal jewelry is designed to reflect the elegance and beauty of mature women. Each piece of CZ stone is artificially inlaid, have zircon colors mix together the different colors of light shining out.
  • Retile's Colltion
    Retile's Colltion
    As we have already said, the Reptiles are usually a symbol of independence, adaptation, solitude, freedom and also the symbol of our subconscious mind.
  • Balanxx Collection
    Balanxx Collection
    Everything changes: lifestyle, fashion, favourite colour, favourite music, favourite meal Your jewel assimilates to all the changings of life The only thing, you can trust in: Nothing is permanent but change This is Balanxx Collection.