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About Fitanole
About Fitanole
Fitanole is composed of two words, “Fit” and “Anole”.
Enlightening the heritage with the Anole. Anole is a species of chameleon. These species have the ability to change their skin colouration and pattern.It moves us to create always, emotive and unique jewels, which expresses style and personality. All our items make a real statement and can be beautifully combined with each other. We love creating new ones every day. Always the focus of all Fitanole designs: a unique look with glamorous charisma. The collection of the brand was designed to develop individual jewelry to let people create their own styles by customizing different stories and elements, so everybody can go perfect with their own outfits and express an individual style and modern diversity. It is an endless world of variations. Fitanole always has its own interpretation of the current trends in fashion and design. We have a team of professional staff, talented designers and highly experienced jewellery manufacturers to create the ideas into the innovated high-quality product. In the meantime, Fitanole is well known in many countries in the world for the extraordinary design and variety.
The philosophy is “nothing is permanent but change”.
What we do?
We provide highly professional services to our clients in the following fields:
We has a team of professional staff, designers and highly experienced jewelry manufacturers to create the ideas into the innovated high quality product.
Our premium service team always try to connect to your vision to create your own concepts and ideas based on our experience and know how.
We can guarantee reliable delivery, convenient payment and professional after-sales service.
We have a rich 20 year experience in jewelry industry and we are always glad to share that experience with potential new comers who are planning to venture into the jewelry industry. We guide them how to make their ventures successful through our objective and realistic approach and guidance.
Who are our customers?
  • We have an list of highly reputed customers that we have been working with and satisfying their jewelry needs since past 10 years.
  • From major brands, buying houses, importers, distributors, chain stores,dropshipper,online shops etc.
  • Across the globe to renowned designers and jewelry professionals, we have a lots of customers.
  • However, we follow a policy of utmost discretion to protect the business interests of our customers as well as their designs and hence we follow a non- disclosure policy of not making the list of our esteemed clients public.
Why Fitanole Jewelry?
We are a company which was built on principles of providing fair, honest and highly professional service to our customers. We are proud to say that we are firmly entrenched these business ethics over the last 10 years in spite of facing tough competition against fake and manipulating tactics by our competitors and adversaries. Eventually, our moralistic approach has won and we enjoy the trust of our respect deeply customers who come to us with blind faith that we will deliver what we promise in terms of quality and promise.
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All products have passed environmental protection tests in Europe and America such as SGS and REACH. Welcome to contact us for popular jewelry!

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